Silage [noun]

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The only floor carrier in use in dairy stables is a truck for silage.

It depends a good deal on the floor what kind of a carrier is best for silage.

To the live stock man it is of minor importance, as silage furnishes so satisfactory a substitute.

As a feed for dairy cows there can be no question of its high value, either green or as silage.

Where silage is wanted, the stubble-land can be seeded directly to wheat with good results.

But there should be put by to supplement the natural fodder during dry times a supply of food either as hay or silage.

Many crops excellent for silage are easily grown, and the cultivation areas need never be idle for a day at any time of the year.

Roots, silage, and other succulent feeds are useful in this connection.

It may be utilized as green feed, as silage, as dry fodder, or for pasture.

Vegetables, clover or alfalfa hay, chopped corn stover or silage make good roughage for this purpose.