Silenced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Silenced:

"Not him, but yourself, brother," said Alexander; and Gilbert was silenced.

To this there was no reply; and they hated her the more for their having been silenced by her shrewdness.

Cooper had a little row with this boarding officer, but was silenced by the captain.

He retired at last, silenced by Nelson's authority, but not convinced.

When the sentence was read, he attempted to speak, but was silenced.

It must be the frightful rain which has silenced the boy so!

Then all the yeomen were silenced by the scorn of his words.

Mademoiselle was going to interrupt, but Cornelius O'Shane silenced her.

He silenced me because he did not want any one to know; he told me to come and fetch you—only you.

"I have silenced the paper-makers," said Cornish, sitting down to write.