Silencer [noun]

Definition of Silencer:

muter of noise

Synonyms of Silencer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silencer:


Sentence/Example of Silencer:

The muffled sounds of an automatic pistol, fitted with a silencer!

So, with silencer in readiness, he puckered his lips and gave a low whistle.

Dawson's eyes saw the revolver with the silencer fitted to the barrel.

Only that day he had worked with Mr. Cassar, the engineer, who had been making a silencer for the motor.

She was carrying the gun, unscrewing the silencer as we walked.

And you saw Mrs. Selim place the gun and the silencer in the drawer?

The gun and silencer must be here, since they could be no place else!

Her first concern, of course, is to hide the gun and silencer.

We can guess that he stowed gun, silencer and electro-magnet in a pocket of his car.

Too good an opportunity to be missed, so he bides his chance to swipe the gun and silencer.