Silencing [verb]

Definition of Silencing:

make or be quiet

Synonyms of Silencing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silencing:

Sentence/Example of Silencing:

They did not talk much; there was a silencing awe in the spectacle.

The impudence, the inveteracy of that fellow, is astonishing—no silencing him.

The earl waved a silencing hand, and turned with dignity to Hortensia.

I knew that the one motive for silencing me was the work I'd been doing for Mr. Boyne.

The mistake he had made had a silencing effect upon Stacy too.

We put some silencing devices on that and yet we could not kill all of the racket.

Owen stood by amused, and silencing the scruples of his companions.

"I thought I had succeeded in silencing that kind of talk," she said.

He put up a silencing hand as Wilton forced a jeering laugh.

Anderson turned a blank face to Paresi, who made a silencing gesture.