Silently [adverb]

Definition of Silently:

without noise

Synonyms of Silently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silently:


Sentence/Example of Silently:

Yates did not like to ask the cause of the delay; so the three sat there silently.

Nothing was said, but they got silently into the boat, which might have been Charon's craft for all he could see of it.

The Nubian silently indicated two of the three hung on his person.

She silently dropped her money into the chest, and departed.

He was cheerfully, but silently obeyed by more than two hundred men.

Maltravers did not seek to detain her, but silently followed her steps.

Temporarily dumb with consternation, he returned her stare as silently.

But still, with hand and eye, she silently called him to her side.

Then together and silently they found the garden-path; and followed its dim length.

He gazed at me silently, and then made a gesture with his hand.