Silken [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Silken:

Then she loosed a pen-knife with a blade as thin as paper from her silken girdle.

An arm, clothed in some silken material, encircled his throat.

An' yet thar's once at least when Red Dog shows it's got its silken side.

The room, the furnishings, his silken robe, everything was strange.

A breed of silken creatures lurk and thrive In your contempt.

The silk buttons are not placed there for show; they fasten the silken lacing.

It coiled about her head in silken strands of dark richness.

There were the odd, ovoid figures of the aviators in their silken overalls.

All hung about with little bells that swung on silken chains.

The silken thinness of her gown was weighted with silver embroideries.