Silkiness [noun]

Definition of Silkiness:


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Sentence/Example of Silkiness:

A telegram from him will smooth the magistrate to the silkiness of oil.

I never liked her silkiness, though it creeps into one at the time.

Perhaps she was tired of the silkiness with which she had been shut up for so many days.

On account of the silkiness of this cotton, Parkinson calls the plant Virginian silk.

“The silkiness accounts for the always fresh and blooming violets,” Dorothy said ruefully.

In the Peruvian the main thing to be considered is the length and silkiness of the coat.

Her father in fond pride straightened one glossy curl, for an instant, as if to display its length and silkiness.

It was the whiteness of her neck that he remembered, the narrowness of her shoulders and the silkiness of her pale gold hair.