Silliest [adjective]

Definition of Silliest:

absurd, giddy, foolish

Opposite/Antonyms of Silliest:

Sentence/Example of Silliest:

It is little use telling one's self that one's fear is silly.

If he comes wooing again, I shall not be so silly as I was the last time.

How silly of you, Toinette, to be so afflicted at his death.

But how should I know he would care to hear about a lot of silly Mammoths.

Very odd, he thought; what had the silly Indians been up to now?

But those hill dwellers cannot read; do you not know that, you silly?

Now I wonder if you do, or if some idea of silly pride makes you say so.

I never felt so silly, or so much abashed, as at this instant.

And force is a crime in the eyes of the fools, the weak and the silly who rule the roost.

But do you think, silly boy, that the thought was new to me?