Silvering [verb]

Definition of Silvering:

coat with metallic material

Synonyms of Silvering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silvering:


Sentence/Example of Silvering:

The silvering of these mirrors is a point of great importance.

The beautiful manner, too, in which this silvering work is done!

The morning dawn was silvering their helmets and the points of their javelins.

A thin crescent moon was out, silvering the river and the trees.

At first she saw nothing but the dim shores and the silvering water.

The moon crossed her silvering wake from larboard quarter to starboard.

The moonlight was magnificent, silvering forest, dune, and chaparral.

When the sudden daylight broke, silvering the harbour ripples, he was still sitting there.

He gave two Friday discourses: the first on the nature of matter, the other on recent improvements in the silvering of mirrors.

Dawn in truth was silvering the valley, and in the clear pure light it stood forth in all its beauty and peace.