Silversmith [noun]

Definition of Silversmith:

jewelry maker

Synonyms of Silversmith:

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Sentence/Example of Silversmith:

When we were there, four ministers' sons were learning the silversmith's trade.

When it was finished he gave it to the wife of the silversmith, who took it to her husband.

After the close of the war, he resumed his business of a goldsmith and silversmith in 1783.

Such an array as might dazzle the eyes of any silversmith of moderate ambition.

She sold the Gesu—ay, she sold the Gesu to a silversmith down in the town.

His account with Mercer seems to indicate that he was a silversmith.

The cause of his arrest was his offering the lump of gold to a silversmith in Cassel.

The common carbonate of soda is also a cheap and useful flux to the silversmith.

And he must have been right, for he had worked with a silversmith and had helped make alloys.

A silversmith who happened to be present bought it for a trifling sum.