Silverware [noun]

Definition of Silverware:


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Sentence/Example of Silverware:

Oh, to think I'm to have my rings back, and Mrs. Basswood is to have her silverware!

I would prefer the silverware; I wish to preserve it in our family.

Articles of silverware, with his engraving, are still extant in Boston.

What can I put with my silverware when packing it away to keep it from tarnishing?

She led the way to the place where she had found the silverware.

The sound of voices was mingled with the clear tintinabulation of silverware.

Our house is rent free, with furniture, linen, and silverware provided.

William was mildly polishing the silverware, and smoking a Russian cigarette.

As she placed the silverware around, she began to wonder about Mack.

He took all the silverware off the sideboard and began to pack it up.