Simian [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Simian:

The Harvard hellions (it is his own term) were indefatigable, simian, pitiless.

But the curiosity of a simian is as excessive as the toil of an ant.

They will use up a lot of it in a simian habit3 called travel.

Consider the simian amorousness of Jupiter, and the brawls on Olympus.

Whatever a simian does, there must always be some talking about it.

The simian submits with odd readiness to the loss of this privilege.

You might as well speak of the human language as the Simian language.

The doctor was indignant when he found that his patient was of the Simian persuasion.

With a wail of anguish the simian clutched at the precious object.

About that God he writes his first paragraph, untroubled by any simian suspicions.