Similarly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Similarly:

As likewise,' added John, 'similarly was her gen-teel family.'

The Preparatory Schools of Ruffianism are similarly borne with.

Accommodation for the baggage was provided in a similarly practical manner.

Similarly, the association of ideas is passive, and in consequence is a kind of passion.

Similarly the death of either sex of the panurus is said to be fatal to its companion.

Put another layer of herrings on the top, and sprinkle them similarly.

Perhaps these are Indian names; similarly, perhaps they are not.

She is to be similarly trained both in bodily and mental exercises.

We should answer: In what relates to the making of likenesses, and similarly of other things.

Similarly, he takes the last rod but one and lays it next to the 8, and so on up to the 5.