Simmered [verb]

Definition of Simmered:

boil, smolder

Synonyms of Simmered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simmered:

Sentence/Example of Simmered:

Let it simmer awhile, but take it up before it comes to a boil.

Then put in the strained blood and simmer it for another hour, at least.

Cover it close, set it on hot coals, and let it simmer about an hour.

Set the pan on hot coals, and simmer them gently about five minutes.

Simmer them for an hour, and having skimmed it well, strain off the liquid.

Then simmer it gently four or fire hours or more, according to its size.

Set them on coals, and simmer them till they are entirely dissolved.

Simmer them in the strong syrup till they are quite transparent.

Set it on hot coals, and simmer it slowly, stirring it all the time.

Next day, put them into the same syrup, and simmer them again an hour.