Simpered [verb]

Definition of Simpered:

smile coyly

Synonyms of Simpered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simpered:


Sentence/Example of Simpered:

Of course her smile was a make-believe, nothing more nor less than a simper.

She is great on a biled dinner, where the 'gredients have to jes' simper along.

"Suppose he wishes to imitate the Duke of Marlborough," says Simper.

The hat and veil, said Madame, with a simper, were sixty dollars.

"That is the author of 'Love in a Cloud,'" she said with a simper of self-consciousness.

"Ah, Count, you are a sad flatterer," she returned with a simper.

And with a simper I left my gallant and dapper cavalier to pay the bill.

He was sitting all the time on burning coals, and had to smile and simper as if he liked it.

Should I simper a coy admission, or storm out an indignant denial?

Horatio did not like the sisters; he called them in his simple way "Giggle" and "Simper."