Simpering [verb]

Definition of Simpering:

smile coyly

Synonyms of Simpering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simpering:


Sentence/Example of Simpering:

Some other simpering thing, na doot-they're all alike these days.

You're simpering at some hidden invention of your own, and you know it.

When I got fed up on a bunch of simpering women and their, 'ain't he cute?'

"Hay has got all the money," said the simpering admirer who answered to the name of Tempest.

You might as well be a simpering wax dummy out of a shop window.

She is as unlike that as she is unlike the simpering misses that used to surround me as a child.

Jane was simpering up at him in a way she had never looked at me.

"Dear Mamie is away, the servant tells me," she said, simpering.

That simpering cornet, Stammersleigh, is announced, and we may bid her good morning.

“Ya-as,” agreed Mrs. Pritchett, simpering and looking at him sideways.