Simpleness [noun]

Definition of Simpleness:


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Sentence/Example of Simpleness:

The whining dogs are preying upon your simpleness, mistress Israel.

Sin itself is often easier than simpleness to pardon and condone.

The thirst for love, without love of learning, sinks into simpleness.

Yes, without doubt, here is that first garden of her simpleness.

Yes, without doubt, "here is that first garden of her simpleness."

Yet the simpleness of his sorrow prevailed, and I listened with the wet in my eyes.

"In that case you will have to suffer for your simpleness," was Paul's short response.

To exist and walk upright in simpleness and quiet is the sum of their desires.

In that land men worship the ox, for his simpleness and for his meekness, and for the profit that comes of him.

The dear innocence of its winsome ways, its simpleness and quaint airs of sagacity, are perpetual fascinations.