Simples [noun]

Definition of Simples:

easily handled situation

Synonyms of Simples:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simples:


Sentence/Example of Simples:

The Author sends upwards of three hundred Simples to the Company.

They had a number of drugs and simples, and the employment of some of them is interesting.

Come and let us talk, soul to soul, heart to heart; come and partake of what simples we have.

Presently she came, bringing with her simples and life-giving draughts.

The simples that I gathered for her yesterday she had described; they are not in our herbal.

Their drugs turned to durt, their simples were simple things.

The number of their "simples," however, includes "laudamy and calamy."

Let cyclists in France see that they comply with all "simples formalités."

It is as individuals, and essentially as simples, that he regarded them.

The guy that invented that trick should have been tapped for the simples.