Simpletons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Simpletons:

Hold your tongue, simpleton; it is not for you to control the decrees of the faculty.

You are such a simpleton, my dear, that one can hardly bear with you.

If she was not your grandmother, I should say that she was a simpleton.

As Camille listened to his friend, he contemplated him with all the astonishment of a simpleton.

He was more than ever sure that Grannie was a simpleton and Csar a brazen hypocrite.

Now, won't I give the other simpleton a piece of my mind, too?

Poor John saw he had been a simpleton himself and departed in silence.

I was afraid she would take me for a simpleton if I did not do so.

And another derivation is from bhora, a simpleton or timid person.

They had three sons, two of them with their wits about them, but the third a simpleton.