Simplification [noun]

Definition of Simplification:

rewording; interpretation

Synonyms of Simplification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simplification:


Sentence/Example of Simplification:

What was saved by the simplification of the accounts remained as a pure gain.

Generalisation is only an instinctive process of simplification.

This was based upon a simplification of Newtons seven primaries.

Mostly, he thought, it was the simplification that had come about.

Any dramatic statement of these laws is a simplification as is a diagram or map.

Simplification of ecstasy, super beauty and super virtue, vi.

Simplification and systematization are required, and these call for reflection.

Turgenieff has already described this by the word "simplification."

Composers before him had begun to aim at the simplification of church music.

Parallel to the simplification of the adjective, the full OE.