Simplified [adjective]

Definition of Simplified:

made easy

Synonyms of Simplified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simplified:

Sentence/Example of Simplified:

Steinheil, of Munich, simplified it, and added an alarm in the form of a bell.

But I had had a suggestion from my mother which simplified matters immensely.

In their consternation the Spaniards had simplified his task by huddling their boats together.

She was simplified to the merely feminine as he was to the merely masculine.

The thorough bass of the dear master has simplified all that.

"That is it," said Merrihew, whose flights of rhetoric were most simplified.

It simplified matters,” he had said to himself, “a good deal.

Chairs may be so simplified in form as to be possible for the amateur to construct.

Nejdanov also laughed, repeated "simplified," and began musing.

With Mr. Wendover to go to, all the problems are simplified.