Simplifies [verb]

Definition of Simplifies:

make easy, intelligible

Opposite/Antonyms of Simplifies:

Sentence/Example of Simplifies:

At face value, how splendidly it simplifies the Dardanelles problem!

"To my mind it complicates rather than simplifies," said Beale.

No, I did not know that; but it simplifies matters, wonderfully, Jack.

This simplifies the construction of slow-speed, large-output dynamos.

This consideration at once simplifies the search for new planets.

It simplifies all perplexities, it offers the solution for all problems.

But occasionally something happens which simplifies the tangle.

It simplifies the matter, and it also strengthens the impulse.

"That simplifies your search, monsieur," said he carelessly.

In representing this technically he simplifies, emphasises, eliminates and abstracts.