Simulacra [noun]

Definition of Simulacra:


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Sentence/Example of Simulacra:

The senseless dead, the simulacra of mortals, as Homer says.

We cannot feed our minds on simulacra any more than we can our bodies.

It is usually supposed that these simulacra were hollow idols of basket-work.

There were 136 of these simulacra, "99 of whom," says the report "would have been killed."

A Governing power must exist: your other powers here are simulacra; this power is it.

Poor Sterling; poor sons of Adam in general, in this sad age of cobwebs, worn-out symbolisms, reminiscences and simulacra!

"Simulacra gentium argentum et aurum, opera manuum hominum," like hailstones rattled the Latin words down on my prison.

"Manes," "umbra," "simulacra," are the expressions of Cicero and Virgil.

Several other questions are discussed in connexion with the doctrine of the 'simulacra.'

Seeing them the objects of superstitious observances, he may have concluded that they were simulacra of a god.