Simulate [verb]

Definition of Simulate:

pretend, imitate

Synonyms of Simulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simulate:

Sentence/Example of Simulate:

How could we simulate symptoms when we had no idea what these symptoms were supposed to be?

I might simulate it perhaps by refusing to use my reason at all in religious matters.

Then you simulated godliness; now you simulate Heaven knows what.

Please remember, you're trying to simulate patrol conditions.

He could not, for one thing, simulate that look of attention.

He would have to simulate an emotion that he did not possess.

Targets will be arranged to simulate one of the classes enumerated.

For once he must simulate when it left a taste in his mouth.

She had tried to arrange facts in such a light as to simulate that idea.

So he determined to have the wood cut down and to simulate an accident.