Simultaneity [noun]

Definition of Simultaneity:

occurring together

Synonyms of Simultaneity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simultaneity:


Sentence/Example of Simultaneity:

Twins they were in simultaneity of birth, but not in likeness of growth.

We have not a direct intuition of simultaneity, nor of the equality of two durations.

This simultaneity and concurrency are central tenets of imposing Shock and Awe.

One may not appear twice in simultaneity upon the Time-scroll.

He was interested by the celerity, the simultaneity of his impressions, his reflections.

The unity of this general present fact is expressed by the concept of simultaneity.

Harmony is simultaneity and a painting in this respect is a chord—a momentary expression fixed in material media.

And, as far as the laws of simultaneity would allow, it was midnight in Greenwich, England.

Priority and Simultaneity, in this direct and primary sense, are among the clearest and most impressive notions of the human mind.

We build on the trends of rapidity and simultaneity and seek to emphasize control and time.