Simultaneous [adjective]

Definition of Simultaneous:

happening at about the same time

Synonyms of Simultaneous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Simultaneous:

Sentence/Example of Simultaneous:

The movement, like the feeling, had been simultaneous and general.

Simultaneous engrams are associated in every direction with the same intensity.

A loud cheer was followed by a simultaneous mounting of the ladders.

For simultaneous with their growth in man a growth of language must be supposed.

Hat, cigar, and boots dropped to a simultaneous disappearance.

His enquiries after my needs and of his garden were simultaneous.

Simultaneous equations: nine of them, involving nine unknowns.

This announcement produced a number of simultaneous remarks and exclamations.

It was simultaneous, uniform, and general, and looked to one end.

When we saw the pipe was lighted we gave a simultaneous start.