Since [preposition]

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Aunt Gretchen has long-since lost the smooth silhouette for which the Nicholas women are noted.

She drew Esmay after her down the draughty passage that led to the offices of the long-since-deserted dwelling-house.

The long-since dismantled Abbey of Lanercost had its origin in a tragedy.

How can we reasonably expect that the road back to our long-since forsaken God is to be smooth, pleasant, velvet-covered.

Since-355- thou must become as mortals are, and the slave of man, I will guard thee from all but the brave.

She had a book—an old-fashioned book of colored reproductions of long-since-destroyed old masters on her lap.

It is the remains of a long-since dried-up inland lake and parts of it are 150 feet below the level of the sea.

She knew this without thinking about it, mechanically, with the automatic certainty of a long-since acquired knowledge of him.

The exquisite flavor of long-since that marks the poetry is conserved in the tune.

But if thou art eternal, who then art thou?since there is no deity, no God.