Sinewy [adjective]

Definition of Sinewy:

stringy, tough

Synonyms of Sinewy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinewy:



Sentence/Example of Sinewy:

Dilly was a very little woman, with abnormally long and sinewy arms.

But Modred was in the pride of youth; muscular and sinewy was the frame of Modred.

The man is of a fine American type, sinewy, resolute, hawk-eyed.

Naked, lean-muscled and sinewy, Kashtanov paused before the door of the cage.

It was not as brown as hers, but the fingers were long and sinewy.

He was broad of shoulder with erect, military figure; while they were lithe and sinewy.

Tall, slim, and sinewy was she, with the quick strength of a boy.

He waved his sinewy arms, crouched, postured, tossed back his head.

A sinewy hand grasped his wrist and twisted his right arm free.

They have tough, sinewy fibers, alternating with softer material.