Singeing [verb]

Definition of Singeing:


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Sentence/Example of Singeing:

Light some writing paper, and singe the hairs from the skin of the turkey.

Singe and truss your chickens; boil one half and roast the other.

Her eyes blazed with a fire that seemed about to singe pretense from his soul.

It's worth starving to death on singe and pinard for four months.

Wash and singe the fowl: take off the head and legs, and remove the tendons.

Bake it as you would cook an angel, and not singe a feather.

Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself.

Singe off the hair and thoroughly cleanse them, removing the toes by scorching.

I wish Marcus Cato had a beard that you might singe it for him.

To scorch and to singe are superficial, and to char usually so.