Singers [noun]

Definition of Singers:

person who can carry a tune

Synonyms of Singers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Singers:


Sentence/Example of Singers:

Handel, in one species of composition, wrote down to the singers of his time.

Senesino and Cuzzoni had made life impossible for the other singers.

Handel's anthem was performed by 80 singers and 100 instrumentalists.

The sight of her agitation silenced the singers, and they gazed at her in surprise.

The town where I live was settled by the Hutchinson family of singers.

They are all singers, either of their own songs, or the songs of others.

But we suspect that these were players and singers of courtly and artificial lays.

Singers were arriving from abroad and brought with them their ambitions.

Of singers there were a great many, but most of them appeared in opera.

The list of singers is long, and is chiefly associated with opera.