Sings [verb]

Definition of Sings:

carry a tune with one's voice

Synonyms of Sings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sings:

Sentence/Example of Sings:

They were never allowed to learn any liberal art, or to sing manly songs.

Shall I sing the chorus now or would you prefer to hear it later.

Her mother thought she had never heard her sing so splendidly before.

"Sing the song you gave us the other night at our house," he said carelessly.

Coax him to let you teach him—and bear with him if he should sing out of tune.

But she could not sing as she had sung a little while before.

After about twenty minutes, he ceased, saying, "We will now sing a hymn."

Pigeonwing, and could sing cavatinas and galop galops with the best of them.

If such a one as Gartley can sing, there is no reason why he should be kept singing.

Don't refuse, pray; but let me explain to you what is the scene we must sing.