Singularities [noun]

Definition of Singularities:


Opposite/Antonyms of Singularities:

Sentence/Example of Singularities:

The singularity that struck me most about her ladyship was her indifference to flattery.

Critical as the position was, Amuba could not help remarking on the singularity of the scene.

This singularity must be accounted for by other causes than their want of merit.

Still, she was remarkable less for her costume than for the singularity of her charms.

Surely the singularity of that device I do not well comprehend.

A strange concomitant of his misery was the singularity of its form.

Singularity of position, where there was no especial cause for it, was always to be avoided.

Irregularity and singularity were among the fashions of the day.

Nor is this the only singularity in Justin Martyr's quotations.

Madeleine was not struck by any singularity in his deportment.