Singularly [adverb]

Definition of Singularly:


Synonyms of Singularly:

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Sentence/Example of Singularly:

But one remark was at once singularly philosophical and practical.

At last Dixon had been singularly fortunate in the matter of jockeys.

The other eye, as if to make up, was singularly, repellently intelligent.

To this young nobleman Lord Vargrave was singularly attentive.

At last, Csar hit on a compromise which seemed to him a singularly happy one.

She has a singularly noble nature, under that quiet exterior.

His looks were much the same as ever, but his mind was singularly altered.

Apart from the great dispute, his ideas were singularly broad and bold.

The great Cuvier was a singularly accurate, careful, and industrious observer.

The young man's voice was singularly gentle, even deferential.