Sinker [noun]

Definition of Sinker:

something used to measure heaviness

Synonyms of Sinker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinker:

Sentence/Example of Sinker:

A pressure-gauge to register the depth of the sinker has been added by Sir William.

Even I swallered that Development Company, hook, line, and sinker.

I have arranged this sinker, which has a hole through it, so that the line will run freely.

An' I'll bet a sinker it'll beat that Bally Klavvy bizness if we do it well.

No sinker or float is required, as the bait must be kept near the surface.

The weight of the sinker must be adapted to the strength of the tide.

A peculiar hook, soldered to a sinker, which is brightened with mercury, is used.

Miette had mechanically placed the sinker above the glass of water.

Then he put a sinker on the end of the line and was ready for the bait.

Fancy a man fishing with a float and sinker when he has a fly rod in his hand!