Sinless [adjective]

Definition of Sinless:

free from sin

Synonyms of Sinless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinless:

Sentence/Example of Sinless:

Who has not felt his impurities the more that he was in the presence of a sinless child?

I have heard much of incarnations, but I know of no sinless one.

In what two applications may immaculate, pure, and sinless be used?

If it had been as sinless as playing marbles, they would n't have cared for it.

Such, in all the loveliness of sinless perfection, was the Son of God!

Yet was He sinless; and so art thou sinless as concerning the death of the Archbishop.

His sinless soul and body were offered once for all upon the cross.

Sinless glorifying of God is better than sinful glorifying of Him.

The love of nature is a sinless enjoyment, in which angels share.

Why should the only perfect, sinless, spotless Man have to suffer?