Sinlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sinlessness:

And for no other was this claim of sinlessness ever intelligently made.

It was not felt that any further thought about her sinlessness was needed.

And should we not be well pleased to exchange it for sinlessness, if that depended upon us?

Sinlessness was a matter of choice with Him, and of choice insisted upon.

Only such an one could intelligently make for himself the claim of sinlessness.

The question of the sinlessness of the prophets is one to which considerable attention has been paid by Muslim theologians.

His sinlessness wears his incarnation like a fancy dress, all his white self unchanged.

God could not endow him with sinlessness, which is an inalienable portion of Divine perfection.

But lead your mother, and aspire yourself, toward perfect integrity, and the sinlessness of heaven.

But this is only fine and futile verbiage, unless he admits the sinlessness of intellectual error.