Sinned [verb]

Definition of Sinned:

commit illegal or immoral action

Synonyms of Sinned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinned:





Sentence/Example of Sinned:

Had she sinned in making the acquaintance of Felicien, and then in keeping it a secret?

I say because it is a part of my penance for the sin which I have sinned.

If she had sinned, she was finding the path intoxicatingly pleasant.

They would have sinned had they not thus married; for they would have transgressed his law.

Then Mosu hastily fell on his knees and answered: “I have sinned and beg for mercy!”

Peter had sinned against grace, and even after he had been warned.

Between them they 'sinned all his wealth away,' and at last parted 'as poor as howlets.'

Don't you understand that I sinned and am therefore condemned to this torment?

They are to suffer because they have sinned; like sick men, they must go to the physician and be healed.

But all the same she feels that she has sinned and that nothing on earth can wash away the stain.