Sinning [adjective]

Definition of Sinning:


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Sentence/Example of Sinning:

They are father and mother, and he is the weak, sinning child.

I do not want to be independent that I may sin, but I want to be independent in my sinning.

He thanked him, and said he would not anew expose himself to the danger of sinning.

Now he had an object in view—he was sinning for the wages of sin.

And so every Burman who fought against us knew that he was sinning.

If any sinning woman love, she has an advocate with the Father.

The Ash'arans believe that the power of sinning is not created in them.

Poor things, they are much more sinned against than sinning.

Perhaps, too, he had been as much sinned against as sinning.

You say that your brother is more sinned against than sinning.