Sinuous [adjective]

Definition of Sinuous:

winding, twisting

Synonyms of Sinuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinuous:

Sentence/Example of Sinuous:

With a sinuous movement she turned on her elbow to face him.

For what end are her fair complexities, her changes of soil, her sinuous coast?

Sinuous and supple, she was exquisitely feminine to the finger tips.

Lithe and sinuous as a panther, he rode with a perfect ease that was captivating.

The sinuous Ravi river was hardly half an English mile distant.

I cannot join the general public in admiring the sinuous majesty of the cats.

"Snaky" was Belle's thought of the woman; "sinuous" was Garlock's of the man.

Their figures are lithe and they walk well, with a sinuous swagger.

The river ran in a wide and sinuous band to the east and the south.

She executes a sinuous pantomimic dance of youth and desire.