Siphons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Siphons:

The principle of the siphon recorder is exactly the inverse of the mirror galvanometer.

The point of the siphon does not touch the paper, although it is very close.

She helped herself to soda water from a siphon on the sideboard.

The footman carried a tray with a bottle, glass, ice, and siphon.

The best trap for this purpose is the siphon or running trap.

Try that cane thing, and, while you're about it, there's a siphon in that ice chest over there.

Also there was a tumbler, a siphon of soda water, and a bottle of port.

A siphon of soda was also in the cabinet, but he left it there.

His host placed bottle and siphon on a table with meticulous care.

"Hold 'em," said the gentleman, proffering the bottle and the siphon.