Sipping [verb]

Definition of Sipping:

drink slowly

Synonyms of Sipping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sipping:

Sentence/Example of Sipping:

So it is with war, and the quality of both is best discovered by sipping.

"I do not quite understand," returned the uncle, sipping his coffee.

Like a bee over a flower-bed, I went dipping and sipping at my treasure.

Only when he had dined slowly and was sipping his black coffee did they attract his attention.

Belle sipping the hot, comforting drink looked about her curiously.

"It only wants age to be perfect," said the doctor, sipping.

"That's more than I am able to picture to myself," said MacNaghten, sipping his wine.

"All true," said the abb, sipping his glass, and smiling kindly on me.

Yes, Hinton, these are my sporting friends, sipping my wine while they plot my ruin.

Some of Tunic's companions are sipping and smoking at one of these tables.