Sis [noun]

Definition of Sis:

person's friend

Synonyms of Sis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sis:

Sentence/Example of Sis:

Now you and sis never get up with any such light poetic notion as that.

But of course it will be only fair to sis to lay the matter before her just as it is.

Yes, Sis can marry, if she says so, though Ma wants her home.

We wanted to make it kind o' pleasant for ye, Sis; an'—an' homelike.

Continue this for five or sis weeks; the cheese will then be fit to eat.

I like Dic; but, Sis, you're a fool if you don't take Williams.

But on one point he was resolute: "I want the dedication to stand as it is, Sis."

Well, they ought to print the thing, if only as a footnote to your drawings, Sis.

No; I'll let you have it some day, Sis, and you shall do what you like with it.

"Be tender to it, Sis, it's a part of myself," he had said when he handed it over to her.