Sissy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sissy:

They all crowd round Sissy, take off her bonnet, kiss and hug her.

"Mine won't be like that: mine will be very short," Sissy said.

I should like it best if I could just write 'Sissy' and nothing else, as I do at the end of my letters.

If this place is good enough for me, I reckon it's good enough for a blasted Sissy of your description!

"Take off your curls and come on in, Sissy," shouted one of the swimmers.

They had parted a year ago, and she had believed that Sissy was cured of her liking for him.

"Like the people who hunted for the Earthly Paradise," said Sissy hurriedly.

Sissy's brows contracted for a moment: she was calculating the time.

Mrs. Middleton sat by Sissy's bedside in the clear evening light.

"You can't think I meant to be cruel to our Sissy," he said.