Sited [adjective]

Definition of Sited:

firm, hardened; inflexible

Synonyms of Sited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sited:

Sentence/Example of Sited:

Camps were sited in the wrong places and buildings erected only to be condemned.

Units who had sited their homes near the deres carved out neat villas on higher ground.

Switch lines facing south were also sited and dug or improved.

Lights here can't be seen by the sentries, I made sure of that when I sited the place.

Mam got 'sited at last, and her eyes to glimmer like she seen her daddy's ghost axin.'

It was necessary to go down to a depth of about twenty feet, and as the well was sited in very soft sand the task can be imagined.

These machine-guns were sited so as to fire straight along the trench as soon as any attacking party had leapt into it.

Each trench system was plentifully marked with signboards and many open machine-gun positions were sited and marked.

Select a flat ten-acre ploughed field, so sited that all the surface water of the surrounding country drains into it.

I think I might say for the record, I don't believe you identified the place where these photographs were purported to be sited.