Sites [noun]

Definition of Sites:

place of activity

Synonyms of Sites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sites:

Sentence/Example of Sites:

No doubt the site of this early structure has long ago been submerged.

The site for his house had been selected and the cellar was being excavated.

It stands upon a site which has been consecrated to the service of God for many centuries.

On the site of British earthworks the Romans established their camps.

Some have been pulled down entirely, and the site used for gaols or barracks.

The site of the school house was near Kingsbury's, on the ridge road.

These caissons are brought to the site of the proposed pier, and are there sunk.

A dispute arose as to the site of Goldsmith's Deserted Village.

They topped a rise of ground and came to the site of the dig.

The present building occupies the site of the one he erected.