Situates [verb]

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The Natchez are situate in about 32 odd minutes of north latitude, and 280 of longitude.

Biloxi is situate opposite to Ship-Island, and four leagues from it.

Their then encampment was situate on the edge of the forest belt.

This is an open place, without walls or castle, situate in 19 deg.

This mountain was situate on the flank of the Boer position.

Where this cell might be situate he could form no idea, nor by whom or what surrounded.

There was also the city Nisibis, situate on the same current of the river.

An imperial city of Suabia, in Germany, situate on the Ifar.

It still remains, and is situate about four days' journey from Cairo.

She shows you her robust glories, the fair country in which she is situate.