Sizeable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sizeable:

Farther on, Dan and Brad could see that it widened to a sizeable floor.

The potential for inter-ethnic tension is deemed to be sizeable by the West.

Winnemucca is quite a sizeable town, and is the county seat of some county.

And now there's hardly a sizeable stick of timber left in the woods.

She was a well-built, sizeable woman, with good proportions and fine health,—but a fool.

A sizeable grandstand flanked the gridiron and a smaller one stood behind the home-plate of the varsity diamond.

Most memorable among the early types was a sizeable group to which he referred in his diary and letters as psalms.

Judging from present appearances, there will not be twenty-five sizeable heads out of the 1,800 planted.

These birds, unlike the Reef Herons, preferred grasslands to beach areas for feeding and were usually seen in sizeable flocks.

But when a lad I drew many a sizeable trout out of it—afore your time, John, when it weren't poaching to fish there as it be now.