Sketched [verb]

Definition of Sketched:

draw, outline

Synonyms of Sketched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sketched:

Sentence/Example of Sketched:

Jaques is only sketched in with light strokes, but all his traits are peculiarly Hamlet's traits.

His thoughts turned to the American girl who had sketched with him in Brittany that Summer.

She made no objection to this; and, for some time, sketched away in silence.

Instead of doing so, he sketched her face with black and red ink.

I also sketched in black and white on grey paper two Netherland costumes.

It had been very minutely described and sketched for me by Donald and Duncan.

Briefly, I sketched the Chief's report, Fetter nodding every few words.

And briefly he sketched for her the springe he was setting with the help of Mr. Newlington.

I have sketched him as he sat to-day on a bit of Spiræa which I brought in for him.

I played my part in the comedy I had sketched out to perfection.