Sketchiest [adjective]

Definition of Sketchiest:

rough, incomplete

Synonyms of Sketchiest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sketchiest:

Sentence/Example of Sketchiest:

I can't swear to any of these things; they're sketchy impressions.

The sketchy nephew hinted that he might have fallen off a bridge.

It is a phrase that recurs at intervals in his sketchy "Confessions."

He could just write a kind of sketchy hand, and didn't care for writing at all.

She is too young to endure it, sobbed the by-product to her of the sketchy face.

An older child would not be content with so sketchy an account.

She nods and gives me another of them sketchy, happy smiles.

I have had only a sketchy outline of the case from Mr. Narkom.

Her breasts were sketchy, but her bosom was so massive that a rich harvest was certain.

If the existing track was sketchy, the new track would be worse.