Skewed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Skewed:

He skewed me a very nice one at a Louis a month, and I paid in advance.

Sara skewed no surprise nor confusion at the sight of me, but I was petrified.

He skewed one he had had for Bilbao, but the official was not satisfied.

Judges are identified politically and their decisions are often skewed.

So saying, he skewed me in an off-hand way a bill of exchange on Rome for three thousand crowns.

An expectation was set, and the process of education was skewed to generate good test results.

And so this is how the line got skewed and leaves this strip kind of irregular, clear through the town, north and south.

Leaning forward till his repulsive face almost touched Sir Richard's, he skewed his features all awry in a horrible grimace.

In the east wall of the court of the high place there was a skewed opening, or an opening which ran diagonally through the wall.

This skewed distribution, in turn, served to perpetuate the advantages of the ruling classes.